Make Your Morning Routine Your B!tch.

Sadgirl tips for constructing a more fun day every day!

Your future self thanks you

We can all live our lives free of the burden of putting off cleaning the house, but cleaning day today, that is the first step toward taking stressors out of your routines to make doing it more appealing. It is curtailed to make a habit of having a method that does not leave you worn out or want to avoid doing it. 

Mornings are NOT like easy or breezy like Neutrogena commercials…

Yes, I know that is Cover Girl’s slogan, but I digress. Some say that the morning routine is the most stressful as the weight of the entire day is held within those few precious hours. This is why we need to be aware of what saves time, which leads the path of least resistance, and what can actually be done later. A lot of productivity can come from procrastinating precisely to tailor to what is better left done when the deadline is breathing on your neck. 

Creative minds have decision-making skills that, for some, come when they need to make a big decision quick, while more practical thinkers need time to make more significant decisions while both of which are equally useful tools to organize your day. 

Know your needs vs wants for the day

Knowing yourself if the best way to understand what choices you need to make in your routines. For example, if you know you need time to decide what to wear in the morning and it has a high impact on how you feel that day, make time go pick an outfit the previous night. Have an easily accessible wardrobe and create habits of shopping for clothing that work as an ensemble so you can spend less time looking for matching socks and ties. Our smallest decisions affect our lives daily, so when we are mindful of your own needs, we make better choices.

Another stressor in the morning is eating

I personally struggle with desiring food in the morning, particularly food that’s actually good for me. Smoothies, shakes, tea, milk whatever you can keep down in the morning in liquid form I recommend because it expands your stomach and makes you actually hungry, but for a lot of us cooking in the morning is a no go. 

I love toaster food, and not all of it is sugar garbage, for example, I love the smell of garlic, and I can eat it even if I don’t want to. I found good food that is appetizing to my senses, not my brain and I eat it because your body needs something, and there is garlic flavoured everything. When you get passed what stops you from doing things you need to do to feel suitable for the day, like the totally normal feeling of not wanting to eat in the morning, you feel more in control of your day. 

Eat food and don’t let the sexy Instagram goons of diet culture tell you not to eat your favourite breakfast foods just so they can sell you theirs.

When reducing stress in the day eating, getting ready, finding a commute, we sometimes forget why we are doing it all. We are doing this to feel I’m control of the day and intern feel in control of a portion of our lives; for some, this is imperative to make sure they don’t regress on past toxic behaviour or for others it’s just a way to cope with distress.

Regardless of why you are reforming your daily to-dos, this New Year make an effort to please your needs, not the idea of your needs created by corporations that want to sell you overpriced skincare and cheezy self-help books.

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