Is a DIY Healthcare Quick-fix Worth The Risk?

The health care problem in the U.S.A is the epitome of desperation and has lead to the epidemic of self-diagnosis, home remedies and DIY alternative medicine. The healthcare problem has a stranglehold on middle America and their ability to live life to the fullest, either worrying about medical expenses, insurance and coverage in their daily lives.

The healthcare issue is more of a significant health education crisis. Healthcare should not be a bipartisan issue; this climate of left vs right-wing policy has given the general public political vertigo. The average consumer is uninformed of the cause and effect events that are created by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Ill-informed health-conscious friends from high school on Facebook site the dangers of “big-pharma” while completely misunderstanding why it is such a big problem for the economy and public health.

Right-wing talking heads will make a similar mistake of misdiagnosing the healthcare issue as spending too much government resources on disenfranchised communities and not enough on the “average joe.” Both are inherently selfish positions to take both being financially motivated. The problem isn’t how much or little money the government allocates for health care costs or how much money the consumer has to spend on resources like health care, the lack of education about its importance and our inaccessibility to those resources based on bias policy that is the problem.

The reason why nothing can get done is that we chose to see our problems in the system and refuse to address anything that goes against our firm held beliefs. For me fighting the urge to say not all corporations are evil is hard to resist, but it’s true. Ones controlled by money, however, can be corrupted a lot easier, hence why the health care topic is so divisive.

We agree that it is polarizing but in complete disagreement as to why and what the cause is.

That is the definition of what is wrong in America; everyone is ready to point fingers and the problem but aren’t able to define a direct cause. The lack of comprehensive education on healthcare for the average American is severely lacking, leading to severe consequences.

Americans can’t afford healthcare and are turning to alternative medicine that is ineffective and dangerous. It’s happening because the information for alt-facts and DIY remedies is more easily accessible and comprehended by low education, low-income families. A market grows for such things as essential oils, homeopathy and the anti-vax movement. More consequences are resulting in congenital disabilities, lack of std prevention and mental health awareness. Which are all residual problems that stem from inaccessible health care and a lack of education in many states in the U.S.A

According to a recent study conducted by the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close to 44 million Americans either don’t have access to health care or cannot afford it. This issue is something the voters should care about although there are many factors at play limiting the change demanded from the public, in conclusion, it is only a matter of time before these issues will become too hard to ignore.

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